Why should I buy from HuesHive?

HuesHive fosters a community that belongs to artists and buyers as much as it belongs to us. To further our efforts to bridge the gap between designers and buyers, we have created an interactive design studio. Here you can create customized products, and discuss them with the designers on board. Once you create/ select your design and products, we print them out for you.

In short, you have 24/7 access to a customized product design studio, which is just a few clicks away.

How Does Hues Hive Work?

At Hues Hive, we do not produce and store, instead all our products are made to order. It reduces wastage to a great extent, and the focus is only on quality products. All the products are priced at a value inclusive of the charges payable to the designers. So, with each buy, you empower the artists in Qatar as well.

Who creates the designs?

Hues Hive has a vast collection of designs from which you can choose. Some of them are our designs, and some are the ones that the designers upload through their HuesHive marketplace account.

For an exceptional customized shopping experience, we also allow you to create your designs. Just go to the “Start Designing” tab and select the desired product from our catalogue and design using our wide range of free templates, cliparts, text font styles, and many such options.

Our motto is crystal clear: To unleash the creative beast in you and order a fully customized product.

Where are the products manufactured?

As of now, we source all of our products you see on our website from a third-party fulfillment center.


How do I Place an order?

First, you have to log in to our site with your HuesHive account. Now, you are in charge of creating, selecting, and ordering the products of your choice.
You can directly start customizing your order from the home page via the “Start Designing”, or “Shop Now” tabs.

  • The “Shop Now” tab takes you to a product page, where you select the product first and then use our “Design tool” to add your personal touch to it.
  • “Start Designing” Takes you directly to our “design tool”, where you can browse the products from the “Select Product” tab.

Once done, you can save your design for future reference. Finally click “Add to Cart”, to add the final customized product to your online shopping cart.

Wish to buy more? Continue shopping, and repeat the above steps.

Now you can proceed to check out

  1. Add shipping and billing details
  2. Select the payment method and pay for the order.
  3. Get a confirmation message from us and tentative delivery date.

Our efforts are tailored to give an exceptional browsing experience in most of the browsers, however, we recommend you to use the popular ones like the updated version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

Is there a minimum quantity required for custom apparel?

No! You can order one to as many you wish customized products. No matter the number, you can be assured of top-notch quality every time.

I made a mistake in my order! Now what?

Don’t Panic! We usually hold your order for the first two hours, so you can email the required changes the right way through the “Change order” option available on our contact us page.
However, post this, if we have started printing or are already printed or shipped, you cannot make any changes.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card payments from the major banks in QATAR. For each order, you can use only one card.

When will my credit card be charged?

Since your order goes into production the moment it is placed, your card or is charged the moment you confirm your order at checkout. You will receive a confirmation email when your order is submitted. If you notice any confusing charges on your end, such as duplicates, feel free to reach out with any questions!

Once you place an order, the production usually starts. We charge for your order once you confirm the order at the checkout, and we will duly notify about the same. Once you get the confirmation mail from our side, please look out for any discrepancies like duplicates. Although we ensure there occurs none, however, owing to the network or other unprecedented issues, these may occur. Please feel free to bring it to our notice as soon as possible, we will take care of it right away.

How to change an Account’s Email Address and password?

Go to the settings section from your Hues Hive Dashboard. To change your details like email ID and password, you need to choose “Edit Account” and do the required changes.


I received a part of my order, what about the rest?

In some cases, we may ship our products from different locations. However, products like apparel are shipped together collectively. If you have ordered apparel and non-apparel items together, both will be shipped separately, even if they are from the same source.

Always check your order, and feel free to reach out to us if you find something missing from your order.

How do I return/exchange?

Since HuesHive is a place for customized products, we generally do not entertain returns until the product you received is defective. However, you can apply for exchange via return@hueshive.com with the order information. Just send us the order details and the photograph of the item that showcases the issues like damaged, defective, or another. Kindly mention the reason you want to exchange it. We will look into it and try to resolve it as soon as possible.

Care Instructions

How should I wash my shirt?

Always wash the garments inside out, so you can preserve the integrity of the design. Wash in cold water and use laundry detergent only. Do not bleach. Our cotton shirts may shrink about 5-7% after a wash. We recommend you to wash the dark colors separately.

The graphics on the T-shirts are subject to natural weathering with repeated washings, and hence you may notice a faded graphics on the apparel.

How do I make sure my tote bag stays bright and white?

Never wash your tote bag in the washing machine or even gentle hand wash, as it may damage the bag. To make it look spotless, you can try spot cleaning or dry cleaning

Why does my shirt smell like vinegar?

Commonly, your shirt may smell like vinegar, owing to the DTG printing process. It usually goes away on its own. In case your shirt still smells, you can try flipping the shirt inside out and wash it with cold and dry them on the low. If it doesn’t go away, let us know via the “Contact Us” page.

Why should I use Hues Hive?

We provide a platform for artists like you, to showcase their talent. Here you can upload as many designs as you want and create your storefronts. This way you can focus on creating and marketing your product, while we take care of the printing and shipping of your products.

What is the Online Store?

Your online store is the place you create and upload your design. It is your marketplace to showcase your talent and sell it. You can also put up your designs published on the Hues Hive Marketplace, in your gallery. Personalize your profile with your photo, cover image, and your social media links. You can add descriptions to your designs that resonate well with the intended customer base.

Can I earn money on the Marketplace?

Yes, Hueshive Marketplace is the hub for innovative designs that are sure to bring in customers. If a customer orders one of your designs published on Marketplace, we print it and deliver the product. You get compensation from the deal as follows:

The customer has to pay a Retail Price which is inclusive of a Base Price and a Design Price

You can decide the Design Price for your uploads in the range of 1-10 QAR

We have a fixed base price for every product which includes printing fee and shipping cost.
Each product type has a fixed Base Price. It consists of the price for the respective product and the fee for one print area and the shipping cost to the customer.

So you get a commission of around 10% on each product sold.

For Example, a customer orders your design for a T-shirt. The base price is say QAR 110, and you have priced your design at QAR 5. So the customer will have to pay 110+5, QAR 105. You get a commission of 10% of QAR 105 that is QAR 11.5.
The more the order, the more your earnings will be.

I am not a professional artist, can I be a Designer?

Of course, you can! The platform is open for creativity and is for all. The guidelines are intended for professional artists, nevertheless, everyone is welcome to showcase and market their talent.

Why was my design rejected?

We have strict rules when it comes to the quality and authenticity of the designs you upload. Here are some reasons which lead to design rejection: 

Unsolicited Rights

Generally, we’ll refuse to publish designs if we’re unable to directly trace or connect the design to you. Even if a design is labeled as public domain content by third parties, the rights of use might not be clearly stated. If this is the case, then we must reject the design.

In case we do not find any connection between you and your designs, like for example a public design owned by a third party, we reserve the right to reject such designs

Copyright Issues

If your design in whole or part has elements from thief party protected intellectual property even if it is a parody, we will reject it. Also if your design contains images/names of people entitled to the right to privacy, it will be liable for rejection.

Community Standards

In view to promote peaceful coexistence, we follow strict community guidelines on our HUesHive Community. We reserve the right to reject any designs that are found to be violating the guidelines such as designs with illegal content, hate speech, pornography, or glorify violence. We also reserve the right to remove sensitive content or limit its visibility. We do not print any content that is legally prohibited. Kindly contact us if you notice such designs on our HuesHive community. 


Design Quality

Bad design quality leads to poor product quality. Therefore, we have stringent guidelines to maintain quality. 

  • Designs must not contain the background and be cropped properly.
  • In case your designs require a background,it should be clearly visible and not pixelated. Edges should be clean and accurate.
  • We do not accept blurred or washed-out designs as it hampers print quality
  • Please refrain from using low contrast designs as these look dull after printing which in turn hampers the print quality.

How can I become a Hues Hive Marketplace Designer?

You will need to create a Hues Hive Seller Account. Then, you can set up your Online Store, where you upload your designs, create products, and monitor your sales.

How can Hues Hive Marketplace benefit me?

Hues Hive Marketplace is our shopping area, it is where customers come and look around for designs and buy one. We offer the 2

What products can I sell in my store?

You can upload designs for T-shirts, phone cases, art prints, kids’ t-shirts, onesies, Leggings, Coffee mugs, laptop sleeves, pillows, and much more. Our focus is on creating personalized products for our customers and are always on the lookout for unique designs that they can choose from. You can also come with your suggestions on what more could be offered than the existing ones. Just drop in an email at community@hueshive.com with your ideas for personalized creations.

Is there any cost to create a store and upload my work?

No, HuesHive MarketPlace is open for all at zero cost. You need not invest a penny for joining, uploading, and marketing your designs on our platform.

How can my designs look outstanding in a digital print?

Even though you get the best print results in digital prints, the production is quite demanding as it requires spraying a base-layer on the product before applying the design. The best way to bring out the best version of your design on the products is to avoid using semi transparencies and sprinkle those areas with spots of colors.

Got a design or a product to sell and looking for an easy to join e-commerce portal? HuesHive is the answer for you. The HuesHive community is open to all the designers, small business owners, and manufacturers who strive towards quality and unique art pieces.

Who is a seller?

If you are an artist or own a small scale manufacturing industry, or are owners of antiques and vantages, you can become a seller at HuesHive and showcase your products online in our online portal. By doing so, you get direct access to the online market to sell your creative products and reach a broader audience in Qatar.

As a seller, you get to create your online shop and give it a personalized name. We also give you the freedom to select the retail price for the product. You can also improve the visibility of your product by adding tags to the items.

How to open your shop?

Opening your shop at HuesHive is pretty simple. The first step is to create your HuesHive seller account. Once you set it up, and add the required details along with your bio and profile photograph, you are all set to register with us.

For registering your shop, tap on the “Start Selling” tab on the home page. Once you register, you can log in to your shop any time and manage the products and prices as you wish.

Do I need a business license to sell on Hues Hive?

No, you need not require any Business license to sell your products on our online portal. You are only expected to follow the Qatar laws that may apply to you as a small business online seller.

What are the Fees and Taxes for Selling on Hues Hive?

You can list your product on HuesHive without any listing charges. All you need to pay is 10% and 5% of the retail price of each sale on our portal, as commission and bank transaction fees respectively.

How do I manage my Payment Account?

We hold payment for 30 days to make sure that there is no refund for your customers for any damaged products delivered.

All our transactions are crystal clear. The “Withdraw” section of your shop account gives you an overview of the entire finances. You need a minimum of 1000 QAR credit amount in your HuesHive shop account to be able to withdraw it.

You can send a request to us, or we shall automatically transfer it to your registered bank account after 30 days of reaching the minimum threshold amount.