What comes to your mind when you hear customized goodies? Bulk order? Most likely so, since customized products aren’t as easy to produce, as generic items, manufacturers generally prefer setting a minimum order target. 

HuesHive is all about creating customized products. But does that mean you need to order in bulk? No!  We have a no minimum order policy, where you can order for one, two, ten, or a hundred products- as much as you require. It depends totally on you and your needs. 

Why should you be excited about this?

Simple, we do not have any hidden charges for any order size. In fact, our support team will happily assist you (without any extra charges )to get your orders ready to be shipped!

So, does that mean we compromise on quality? 

Absolutely NOT! In fact, we use the latest direct to garment(DTG) digital printing technique on premium products of top-notch quality. 

DTG printing is quite different from the traditional printing process. Once you upload your designs on HuesHive, the computer processes them and prints them directly to the garment you have bought. Here water-based inks are used for higher precision. 

Since it does not require any long set up or cleaning process, the hassles of printing are reduced which in turn immensely reduces the time spent on printing processes. 

The most prominent advantage of DTG printed graphics over  the traditional process. lies in the printing quality  The DTG prints are sharper, clearer, and do not fade away easily. 

If quality and unique products are what you are looking for, HuesHIve is the best place to shop! Want one or 100, we are always ready to cater to your demand. Shop with us now to avail the best of best services at affordable prices.

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