A T-shirt is that humble clothing piece present in the wardrobe of most people across the globe. Whatever the season be, we all have a secret crush on our favorite T-shirt. They are stylish, yet the most comfortable thing to put on. 

Before you navigate through the best designs to print on our premium T-shirts, understand briefly what makes your Tee the go-to option, and what goes behind tailoring the perfect T-shirt in terms of quality and size? Let’s find out by delving deeper into a typical Tee from its build to the thread works. 

Identify premium quality t-shirts that offer optimum comfort

A typical industry standard uses an open-ended carded spun yarn that uses a comparatively cheaper mechanism to create yarn out of cotton. However, these compromise the overall quality of the t-shirt Fabric.

High-quality t-shirts like those from Bella+Canvas uses a ring-spun and combed yarn. This process removes impurities, thus making it long, smooth, and soft to touch. 

The way your T-shirt is tailored decides how well it fits your body. Mostly you find two types of t-shirts- side seamed and tabular fit t-shirts. The tabular fir T-shirts are easier to sew and cheaper to manufacture. However, since it is tailored in a “tubular” way, it does not give the comfort of wearing the right fit t-shirts. Side-seamed t-shirts are pricier but they fit perfectly into any body type and look good. 

Another crucial aspect that adds to the overall quality of the t-shirt is the weight and singles of the yarn. Singles are the diameter of the yearn, higher the single, finer is the yarn. It makes the t-shirts soft to touch. Weights are determined by the quality of the yarn used. Combed yarn is lighter and feels like a feather on a skin. As the quality of yarn decreases, the weight increases and so does the harshness of the fabric on the skin. 

Bella+Canvas promises the quality of retail products at wholesale prices! Choose the best funky designs or create your own at HuesHive to print on the coziest Bella+Canvas T-shirts and make your style statement without compromising the quality!

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