General Terms and Conditions of Sales and Delivery of Hues Hive for Customers

1. General Information

All deliveries from Hues Hive to the customer are completely based on the general terms and conditions given below. These underlie all offers and agreements between Hues Hive and the customer and are accepted for the duration of the whole business relationship. Opposing or digressing conditions of the purchase are possibly authoritative if Hues Hive has consented to them in writing.

2. Shops

(1) Two shop types are available on Hues Hive´s platform. First, there are shops, which are designed and operated by Hues Hive itself (“Hues Hive shops“), and second, there are shops that are designed and operated by independent shop owners (“partner shops”). Information on the respective owner of a shop can be viewed via the link “legal information“ in the respective shop.

(2) Hues Hive is responsible for the articles and motifs offered in a “Hues Hive shop” as well as the overall design of the shop.

(3) The Shop owner assumes sole accountability for marketing, configuration and arrangement of the Shop as well as the articles and designs on offer. Hues Hive does not appropriate the Shop owners’ content and ideas as long as these do not meet the regulations of this GT&C or the regulations of the Partner GT&C. In particular, this applies to breaches on the part of Shop Operators of the obligation to apply Hues Hive’s General Terms and Conditions in their shops vis-à-vis the end Customer.

3. Product Sales

By placing an order using the site and service of Hues Hive, a customer makes a binding offer for the sale or a sale contract only with Hues Hive (there is no contract between the customer and a shop owner). Hues Hive sends the customer an email with the order confirmation.

It is solely informational to provide facts, illustrations, statistics, details, weight specifications, measurements and services found in the brochures, catalogues, newsletters, advertisements, or prices lists. If there is a discrepancy between the above-mentioned data and the information given with the order confirmation email, Hues Hive cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data. Hues Hive manages the order confirmation email.

For any cause, Hues Hive reserves the right to refuse orders. Hues Hive can alert the customer if it refuses an order.

If the supplier completes the delivery to the client’s address, Hues Hive completes the fulfillment of an order according to the supplier’s records. Hues Hive shall immediately notify its customer of any interruption in delivery and of the possibility of replacing the order within a reasonable time.

4 Delivery / Shipment

1. In principle, the customer receives confirmation of the order within four weeks from the date of its delivery. Delivery dates and times are binding only if Hues Hive confirms them in writing explicitly as such.

2. Delivery is currently available only in Qatar.

3. A shipment service provider selected by Hues Hive is responsible for delivery.

4. Where delivery is not possible in extraordinary circumstances within the four weeks following the conclusion of the contract provided for in (1), Hues Hive shall contact the customer in writing immediately, no later than four weeks after the conclusion of the contract.

 5 Prices

All prices found on the Hues Hive website are final and can differ occasionally. Shipping costs are included in the retail price.

6 Payments

1. The customer selects the payment method, which can be either direct debit or credit card. Hues Hive reserves the right to restrict the number of payment methods a customer can choose from based on factual criteria, such as the order value.

2. If, where Hues Hive fulfills its contractual obligations, particularly if a direct debit on the account of the customer is not feasible because of a lack of funds or the provision of incorrect details, the customer must refund any additional costs incurred by the company or the third party conducting such transaction. In case of a non-practicable method chosen by the customer

(3) Hues Hive is entitled to make use of the services of trustworthy third parties for the handling of the payment:

a) Hues Hive is entitled to delegate its cases, when it comes to defaults to payments, to a debt collection agency and pass to these third parties the personal data needed to manage payments.

b) In the case of third-parties interference in managing the payments, the payment in relation to Hues Hive only counts as having been given to a third-party contractually, so that it can be disposed of by a third-party as it considers necessary.

(4) The customer agrees to electronic invoicing only. Invoices will be made available in PDF format and sent to the customer via email.

7. Return/Exchange policy

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns for any reason.

Items once purchased from artists on the marketplace or our own products from are custom made and printed just for you. Returns cannot be offered unless the item is defective. To set up an exchange, please reach out via the email address, include your original order information and the photograph of the damaged or defective item, and we will gladly take a look for you to see what went wrong!

8. Disclaimers

The web site and service are provided by Hues Hive “as is” and “as available.” Hues Hive does not represent or guarantee the continued use or use of the site or service; I that it will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or safe, (ii) that it will not be erroneous or vulnerable, (iii) that it will fulfill your expectations or requests, or (iv) that the site or software used shall be operated with it.

You consent to Hues Hive not being held responsible for damages to the Site / Service suffered by you, and to your sole responsibility to use the Site / Service, including the contents, information, or software distributed, downloaded, or accessed via the Site and the Service. You understand and agree to be solely accountable for any loss of information resulting from your actions and use of the site and service to your company or computer system. Hues Hive is not responsible for any possible representation or warranty given to third parties by any information, products or services offered by any third-party parties on this website or service.

Hues Hive may reasonably deviate from the descriptions and information found in its brochures, catalogues and other materials, colour, weight, measurements, design or other features because of normal changes in our industry and in technical processes.

In order to provide certain elements of the site and of its services Hues Hive may use subcontractors or third parties. You agree that Hues Hive is not responsible for your use of these services in any way.

9. Limitation of Liability

The action, content, information, or data of third parties shall not be borne by Hues Hive. You release from all claims and losses, known and unknown, arising from, or in any way connected with, any claims that you have against Hues Hive or related third parties, our directors, officers , employees and agents.

Hues Hive shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from or related to the site and the service or to any agreement between you and Hues Hive, even if the possibility of such damages is advised.

10. User Representations and Warranties; Hues Hive’s Right to Refuse Performance

You are representing, and guaranteeing that you have all rights to use the text or design (e.g. in respect of markings, copyright, privacy rights, advertising rights, common law, etc.) when you upload or change the design or products in any way (for example , adding the custom text), without infringing the rights of third parties. Hues Hive may reject the printing of all designs or text you submit, at its sole discretion. Hues Hive does not, however, have to check any of your submissions.

You agree to indemnify and release Hues Hive for claims related to alleged or actual violations by third parties of any rights, and, where such claims relate to the use of its website and service, to the extent Hues Hive is not liable (including costs and lawyer fees).

11. Data Protection

In compliance with its privacy policy, Hues Hive collects and uses your information. You understand you are responsible for protecting your own data (including your passwords), for ensuring security with your personal details and for taking precautions in relation to your user account.

12. Termination of Access

a) Hues Hive may refuse, to offer you its website or services either in part or immediately, for any reason or no reason, but in particular if you (or any other person whom Hues Hive believes you may act in conjunction) have violated or violated any law or law or term (or spires of any term) of any agreement you enter into with Hues Hive. Connection restrictions can involve the deletion or alteration of the contents you uploaded or otherwise forwarded to or via the website and services.

b) If Hues Hive exercises its rights in accordance with section 12(a) or if you cancel your account, all of this Agreement and any other Agreements that you concluded with Hues Hive will remain in place indefinitely until their terms otherwise apply.