You can wear it under a shirt; you can wear it for a party; you can even wear it when lounging at home. This piece of clothing is the most versatile thing you can have in your wardrobe. Yes, no points for guessing, It’s A T-Shirt. 

A T-shirt is your friend that sticks with you when no one else would. For men and women alike, this piece has been the go-to dress for literally every occasion, and the ultimate answer to “What do I wear?”

However, there are a couple of things you can and must consider before you splurge yourself into a T-shirt buying spree. We have shortlisted three important things you should look for before buying a T-shirt online. 


T-shirts are known for the comfort they provide. Although most of them are made from cotton, not all of them are. Some come in 100% cotton, some with a blend of fabrics like synthetic fibers, cotton. Look out for the label and product description carefully before you decide to buy one. Cotton t-shirts are usually the best to wear, it provides utmost comfort and looks classy as well.


One of the common issues that you may face while shopping for a t-shirt online is you may end up ordering a size up or a small one. This is mostly because we overlook the size chart and end up buying a small, medium, or large. Every brand has different dimensions for these, so you must ensure the inches mentioned in the size chart matches your measurement. 


T-shirts also come in various fitting styles. There’s a straight fit, a casual fit both of them have different designs, you need to know which one looks best on you. 


T-shirts come in various sizes and designs. Some have polo neck, some V neck; some have graphics, some have quotes, and some have none, just solid color. Choosing the right one, thus, becomes a difficult task. The number of options may leave you overwhelmed.  

Hues Hive has a vast collection of plain T-shirts for both men and women. You can add your designs and make them unique, just like you. The T-shirts are basic and are of pure cotton. Get your designs printed and have a t-shirt like none other. Check out our collection to know more about the available colors, sizes, and fit.

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